Vault Cash Capabilities:
Newer Technologies has many vault cashing resources.  We work with many companies who provide Vault Cashing at a very affordable per transaction rate.  They service many areas of Ontario, as well as Eastern Canada and Western Canada.  We are always open to areas that currently are not being serviced and can usually assess within a short amount of time if it is feasible to take on the new area.  We are eager to help any customer or ISO Partner who is looking for vault cashing.
Servicing of ATM's:
Newer Technologies currently services upwards of 900 ATM's.  From changing dispensers, to programming ATM's to updating software.  We are capable of doing any task.  We inventory many parts for various types of machines which enables us to get the job done much faster.  We also inventory used parts from time to time or refurbished ones which can also help keep costs down for those requiring the service.  We have great relationships with the manufacturers as well as various outsourced ATM parts repairers and are able to therefore maintain affordable costs to all our customers and ISO partners.  We try very hard to service ATM's when we are in the area which also keeps costs for travel and time down.  We work hard at keeping it affordable for everyone.
Support for Network:
Newer Technologies has a toll free number in place (1-800-571-6570) with live 24/7 answering so that everyone who calls in for help speaks to a live person at the time of their call.  We also refer calls to the departments better suited for handling the need of the customer calling to ensure that each situation can be handled in a timely manner.  We feel customer service is #1 and that is why we put such emphasis on it and work so diligently to ensure it is maintained with the highest of standards.
Newer Technologies currently works with a leasing company that is eager to provide leasing to individual locations who want to purchase a single ATM for their store and/or ISO's to build their networks.  We have had this leasing in place for 2 years now and it has been very beneficial to many of our customers and ISO Partners.  The leasing company we are working with will also do Lease-Backs therefore enabling you to get some cash flowing again in those crunch times.  The leasing company is ready and willing to provide more leases to many more customers at any time.
Sales of new Equipment:
Newer Technologies is currently the distributor for Hantle, Nautilus Hyosung and Triton.  We always carry ATM inventory so when we have a customer who needs an ATM and they have a short deadline to get into a new nightclub or new Convenient Store we are ready to sell them that ATM right away.  Many of our customers can testify to the easily accessible ATM inventory we have.  Any special orders can be done on a per transaction basis.  If we have a customer requiring multiple machines (5 or more), or specialty machines then we eagerly order those in and they arrive at our dock within 5 business days.  As soon as we receive them we turn them over to the customer asap so that there is no waiting period.  The faster we can get an ATM out the door to those who need them, the faster we all earn money.