Newer Technologies Limited was founded in 2003 by Ryan Pickering who has been in the ATM industry since it was deregulated in the late 1990's. 
Newer Technologies Limited has grown organically and has found success in working with ISO Partners as well as having direct ATM locations.  With our resources we are able to help our ISO's with purchases of ATM's, management of their networks,  service of their ATM's when required and support to their clients.  We have prided ourselves in taking care of our ISO's networks with the same fury and intensity that we take care of our own direct ATM locations.  We are also able to provide leasing as well as vaulting services to all our ISO's and direct customers.  
NTL's head office is located in the Tri-City region of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge.  However, you can find our ATM's and ISO Partners all across Canada.   From the East Coast to the West Coast we are widespread.
We have 6 employees, including Ryan that work out of the head office.  In the office we have Michele Pickering who handles all financial aspects of the business as well as Administrative Operations.  Also, we have Suzie Adams who is the Office Manager and Head Administrator.  Patti Jacobs is also an Executive Administrator as well as handling inside Sales.  On the road we have Justin who is our senior Service Technician and has had training by both Nautilus Hyosung and Triton as well as Darren who has also had the same training.  Each staff member works very hard day in and day out to ensure all customers are happy and all ATM's are functioning.  They are all valuable assets to this team.
Ryan Pickering acts as President, Sales Manager, and Service Manager.  He is the oil that makes the machine run smoothly.  Ryan places a high priority on keeping everyone happy and making sure everyone is giving 100% every day.  The success of NTL is due to constant attention to detail and ensuring everyone has what they need at all times to handle any situation that could arise.
Newer Technologies Limited is a leader in service, support and management of its entire network.  We work hard so that our customers don't have to.